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Here's why small group leadership coaching works.

Over seven years, we’ve built the most successful small group leadership coaching business in Australia. This page describes why small group coaching works brilliantly for leadership training - and the lessons we've learned to maximise its success.

Participant experience (PX) is a big part of that (Download our Guide to PX).We're enthusiastic about small group coaching because participants themselves tell us it’s the best leadership training they’ve ever had. We’d highly recommend small group and PX to all organisations, large or small.

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Small group coaching is made for virtual and online delivery
Small group coaching pods allow organisations to deliver super-high-impact leadership development completely virtually, at a low price. Using Fastlead, an established and very successful small group coaching company, front-line leaders or middle managers programs exist, are proven, and are ready to deploy within days.
Small group coaching gives you six levels of learning in one pod
Leadership development with six levels of learning - only small group coaching can give you this amount of impact all in one go. Modern leadership development, break-through designs, break-through impacts.
Small group coaching maximises your flexibility
Flexibility is a much desired feature of leadership programs, and often leads organisations to design their own because off-the-shelf solutions aren’t flexible. But small group coaching leadership development solutions - particularly well developed ones like Fastlead - offer a whole range of flexibility.
How do you scale small group coaching pods to coach hundreds (or thousands) of leaders?
Why isn't personalised small-pod coaching more popular? If you're a big organisation, it's a lot of work. Here's how we eliminate that workload for you.
It's critical to involve managers in small group coaching - here's why.
Involving managers in leadership development programs is a critical success factor. With small group coaching you have a multitude of opportunities to do just that, very effectively. And managers report they learn from the experience as well.
How new thinking led us to small group coaching for front-line leaders
In 2015, Fastlead pioneered try a radical new approach to leadership development. Curriculum-based small group coaching, initially for front line leaders. new think, and new standards for leadership development effectiveness followed. Flexible, scaleable, cost effective, and virtual or face-to-face. Here's how we did it.
The eight principles we've adopted to maximise small-group impact
How do Fastlead coaches produce brilliant results? Diligent application of our eight principles for more effective small group coaching
What managers and participants say about Fastlead
We've been running Fastlead since 2013, with virtual pods available for three years now. How do participants and managers rate the experience?
Leaders want coaching, not training - we know because they told us
Our survey of 450 frontline leaders told us that they want development quite different to what many organisations offer.

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Case study

Fastlead at Dulux Group - Flexible, local, on topic and personal.

DuluxGroup had clear criteria for a frontline leadership program: practical, high impact, flexible, focused on application. Fastlead fit the bill.
of leaders report an improvement in leadership skills.
Fastlead alumni have graduated physical and virtual small-group sessions.
Blue-chip clients in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide.

Case study

Inchcape: driving highly effective layered learning for frontline leaders

A division of Inchcape, the worlds largest automotive retailer and distributor, made the strategic decision to use small group coaching to develop 44 frontline leaders. Teresa Dewdney, Group learning and development manager at Inchcape, shares the results.

Small Group Coaching Experience Counts

We are AsiaPac’s longest-established and most experienced small group coaching company, with more than 1600 front-line leaders and their managers having participated in Fastlead.

A network of fully accredited coaches

Our Fastlead accredited coaching network is large, widespread, and talented. Our coaches are constantly assessed for quality delivery, and must continue to earn high scores to remain in the network.

The right design for leaders and their managers

Rigorously researched topics, well-structured start-up and check-out meetings, a full engagement process with managers, assessments, and alumni activities – Fastlead has the lot.

Fastlead works both virtually and face-to-face

Small group coaching for leadership development is highly effective, and works well virtually because it is episodic - short sessions with few people. Participants give it very high Net Promoter Scores.

Learn, embed, apply: the personal growth plan

Central to every Fastlead program is the Personal Growth Plan, a record of goals to achieve written by every participant in collaboration with their manager and coach.

Quickly, efficiently organised - with no extra work for you.

Sounds like a lot of work to keep all these sessions and learning materials and action plans in sync? Don't worry, our program management team and automated systems do all the admin for you.

Case study

Cost effective and personally customisable – why Genea chose Fastlead small group coaching

Genea HR Director Andy Brown needed a solution that was cost-effective, able to bring different parts of the business together, and affordable. Here’s why Genea chose Fastlead, and the results it achieved

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