What managers and participants say about Fastlead
Summary: We've been running Fastlead since 2013, with virtual pods available for three years now. How do participants and managers rate the experience?
Written by Alistair Gordon 31 Dec 2019

Image credit: Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

67% of participants rate Fastlead 9 or 10 out of 10.

Asked about how they feel they perform after graduating Fastlead:

  • 95% report an increase in confidence as a leader

  • 94% report improvement of leadership skills

  • 78% report better team relationships

  • 64% have improved their relationship with their manager.

Why is the feedback so strong?

Fastlead was first designed for frontline leaders – supervisors, team leaders, first-time managers - who have had no or little formal leadership training, were experiencing leadership challenges or simply weren’t sure what’s involved in being a people leader.

We often hear frontline leaders say things like “I’ve been working in my team for three years and have just been promoted to the supervisor position. Now I’m leading my mates and they won’t take me seriously”.

Or “Some of my team members keep complaining that I don’t care about them – I ask them about their weekend every Monday morning, isn’t that enough?!”

Or “I have a couple of people in my team who aren’t performing at the expected standard, but I’m too scared to confront them in case they have a go at me”.

Sound familiar? We’ve since branched out to work with middle management with Fastlead Plus, and sales with - you guessed it - Fastlead Sales.

But in each case, we’ve followed the same approach:

  • Small, collaborative pods where the pod solves problems for themselves - their coach keeps conversation on track, but they don’t solve the problem for you.

  • The pod picks which topics to cover first, because pod members know which skills they need to learn first.

  • And the pod sessions are short, punchy, and spaced out in a way that lets pod members apply what they’ve learned in real life.

An net promoter score of 67% is unusually high, but that reflects the value of our three bullet approach.

We believe that the leaders you want to develop are already in your teams. With the right style of coaching, they can quickly accelerate their development. They’re waiting to show you what they can achieve.

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