The Learning never stops: The Fastlead Almuni
Summary: Once Fastleaders have completed their Fastlead program, they are automatically inducted into the Fastlead Alumni. Here they continue to have access to the Fastlead learning portal, ongoing podcasts, and more.
Written by Kirsty Allen 31 Mar 2020

It typically takes seven months for a Fastlead program to be completed. With start-up and check-out sessions, and the standard six monthly small group coaching sessions, front line leaders who have been participants pop out of the formal part of the program in month eight. But the learning doesn’t stop there - far from it.


Fastlead boasts over one thousand graduates, and we support this alumni group by providing continuing education and learning opportunities - for free - to all Fastleaders. Some of these resources are also available, via this website, to front line leaders and managers who have not participated in the program.

Activities include:

  • Continued access to the Fastlead Learning Portal;

  • Access to regular Fastleader Podcasts, hosted by Fastlead coaches, which deal with common problems faced by front line leaders, and tips on how best to deal with these situations; often the podcasts takes one of the 14 Fastlead topics and does a deep dive into what nest and next practice looks like.

  • Fastleader newsletter - which provides quarterly updates and suggested reading that’s new on the Fastlead learning portal.

  • Leadership Challenges. Each month one of our Fastlead coaches posts a challenging situation our to all Fastlead alumni, and encourages participants to submit the “perfect response”. The coach then collates and discusses proposed approached than have been submitted, and then picks a winner. You can see what this looks like here.

  • Webinars. Periodically Fastlead coaches will host a webinar to which Fastlead alumni are invited.


If your organisation chooses to deploy Fastlead in your organisation, you are creating an ongoing leadership development journey for your front line leaders that extends well beyond the immediate program. This is the way front line leadership development experiences was meant to be.

HFL provides membership to the Fastlead Alumni to all leaders who participant in the Fastlead program for free. Alumni can also request extended coaching from their Fastlead coach post-program, which is offered on a paid basis. To find out more contact us.

Check out the Fastleader Podcasts here. Or ask for more information below about Fastlead itself.

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